Last Sunday of March 2023

26 March 23

NC Runners and Vishwa Runners in cooperation with Rotary Club of Pune Synergy

Starting point: Nanded City Amphi theatre (click for map) 

Flag off - 15 km : Flag off time 5:30 AM
10 km : Flag off time 5:45 AM
5 km : Flag of time 6:45 AM
3 km : Flag of time 7:15 AM
Pls be there 1 hour before the flag off, fill water etc. 

Rs. 150/-per runner


Contact: 95525 37517 
We train for running every day of the year for free

Running races are exciting but the regular running with friends gets you the results!

What is LSoM?

Every "Last Sunday of Month" our runners come together for a community run. You don't have to pay hundreds of rupees just to run. LSoM is not a race it is bringing people together and building the love for running. It is a simple, friendly, no frills run with good route support and cheerful volunteers and a very nominal registration charge! Come meet all the runners from our city!

Every month a different running group takes the initiative for organizing this race.

You should know:

* Set your alarm! There are no refunds for registration
* If you made a mistake in name, tell the volunteer when you pick up the bib.
* Registration is required, you must put on the bib on your chest only. No bib - no running.
* Better to carry your bottle, we will refill it. Good for environment.
* Eat something small before you start from home
* Wear clothes that you are comfortable. Saree, chudidar, dhoti, sleeveless, tights, shorts all are OK.

What to expect?

* Make sure you meet new runners
* Find out about the free training that happens in your area
* find out where you are going to meet your running friends on Tuesday and start your training.
* make sure to do stretching before you leave on Sunday
* Stretching is very important for the runners

Get RE-USEABLE water bottle 

It is hygienic, environment is not harmed. Our runners have welcomed this environment friendly way

We will have steel glasses if you forget the bottle. Remember cleaning of glasses is lot of work for the volunteers. There will be enough water and electrolyte drink on the route.

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